We think the police as being on our side, and to whom we owe much respect.   The police protect us from the "bad guys" who want to harm us.  Police work is dangerous, especially in Hermosa Beach or any beach city. But from time to time we find ourselves on opposite sides with the police. By police officer errors in judgment or opinion, or by carelessness or even intentionally, we switch from respect of police to fear of police. 

Hermosa Beach police do make mistakes. The average person cannot notice the hidden mistakes, and even if
they did notice these mistakes, would not know how to exploit these mistakes. It is your attorney's job to see these mistakes, and use them to your best interest.
Here are examples of Hermosa Beach DUI police mistakes.

1. Stopping a driver for erratic driving when the police had insufficient observable time to reasonably believe the driving was due to alcohol and/or drug use. The Hermosa Beach police jumped to a conclusion too soon.

2. Making a traffic stop for a minor traffic violation, but the driver's actions do not satisfy the elements of the alleged violation. Many officers do not have the needed familiarity with the California Vehicle Code.

3. Stopping a vehicle that someone reported may be a drunk driving, when the police did not observe the driving violation. This occurs when much time has pasted after the call comes in, or the location of the violation is too far removed.

4. Failing to eliminate other factors which may have caused the alleged erratic driving, which resulted in the initial traffic stop. Road conditions, weather conditions, traffic flows, vehicle malfunctions, safety concerns, etc can cause minor erratic driving.

5. Failing to discuss and explain unaccounted for time periods from the initial stop, through arrest, and then to final booking.The intoxication level can change from the time of the driving and arrest, and up the blood or breath alcohol test.

6. Failing to properly record the initial observations of the driving and of the driver, and of the field sobriety tests results. Police "cut and paste" text from previous reports, and if done carelessly, creates doubt on accuracy and reliability.

7. Failing to treat each arrest as a separate event. Police who do DUI investigations in Hermosa Beach now specialize in DUI investigations.  Each report sounds the same. The police say basically the same or similar words in every report. This can produce inconsistency and unreasonableness between the known facts and the police officer's observations. DUI lawyers call this "reasonable doubt".

8. Failing to understand that what is apparent to the police, that it may not be apparent to everyone else reading the report. Making an assumption of guilt, or a quick conclusion, may result in a poorly written police report. The officer who fails to fully explain what he sees or hears will produce a poorly written and an incomplete report. 

9. Failing to understand details of the California Vehicle Code and the Penal Code. Police are given summaries of DUI laws, as these DUI laws are very complex and difficult to read and to understand. Police assume they know the law, but mistakenly apply the law. Even prosecutors and judges have made the assumption they know all the details of the thousands of laws.

10. Failing to maintain an objective involvement. Mistakes are probable when police become emotionally involved in the DUI. For example, in a traffic accident with major personal injury, police may want to prove the accident is due to drugs, and ignore other possibilities.  Physical confrontation, children involvement, high speed chase, or any heightened anxiety can also create a very emotionally charged atmosphere where anger or frustration enters, and produce ridiculous and unreasonable police reports.

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